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While Agroenergy is not yet fully established as a noun, we like to define it as the production of renewable energies in agriculture. Compared with the alternative term of bio-energies, agroenergy stresses the key role of agriculture in supplying energy.  In the good old days,  before the introduction of fossile fuels, agriculture had being supplying energy from ages immemorial, in the form of horse or oxen power. In fact, by 1900 a quarter of North America's farmland was being used to feed horses.

Agroenergies can play a key role in shifting the balance of energy sources towards more environmentally sustainable combinations, and, at least as importantly, agroenergies can provide farmers with stable revenues, at times of volatile commodity prices.

In recent years, there has been a recurring, tearing debate on whether agroenergy was right or wrong for the planet. Like all similar wholesale debates, they make the headlines but do little to help making sensible decisions.